Tank Lining

CHEMI TECH CR101A two component Epoxy phenolic tank lining system for storage of various chemicals, white petroleum products, crude oil, etc. This product is suitable for application under insulation. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Good adhesion to concrete and steel surfaces, abrasion resistant, easy cleaning. Conforms to RDSO Specification. It meets EIL specifications F-15. This product is EIL approved.
CHEMI TECH CR103This product is suitable for internal coating of ATF transmission pipelines and storage tanks and tested as per MIL-PRF-4556 F” and DEF-STAN 80-97.
CHEMI TECH UCA high performance solvent free epoxy coating designed for use where exceptional chemical resistance is required. Chemi-Tech U.C. is based on a special Phenolic epoxy resin and a polymine Curing agent system which produces a highly cross linked polymer network. This unique system prevents permeation and subsequent attack of the coating by highly aggressive chemicals, like 33% HCL and various acids, alkalies, solvents, allowing the system to be used whenever superior Chemical resistance is required.
CHEMI TECH CR 201A high performance solvent free coating designed for aggressive environments